RIKARD ZETTERLUND Industrial Designer



- Design Profile

I do concept development, product design, prototyping and related services.

I mostly work on Light Design projects and Lamp Design. I have alot of experience with LED based designprojects. I also have experience in many other areas of Product-Design like furniture, comsumer goods and Service-Design.

I have done a wide range of Light Design projects, ranging from simple oil lamps, lampshades, bikelights, Hardcore LED-light design for the military, rescue and construction market to Custom Interior-Design and Custom-Illumination of lounge and office areas.

As an Industrial Designer I strive to add value to the projects I work on. The value added can be archived by creating a higher level of user insight, an optimal construction for durability and weight, lower environmental impact by using the smartest materials and production methods, or simply from the beauty of a perfectly balanced line.

I work hard to focus on my customers company-history, consumer/user behavior and the market environment of witch the new concepts and products must adapt to. This gives me the insight to develop new products that are relevant and realistic.

I graduated from my Design studies in 2010 and have so far had the great fortune of working on product development projects with alot of talented people and curious companies.

Take a look at some of the things I have done, talk to some people I have worked with, or just contact me for a talk.

Maybe we can do some good together.

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